Linear Pitch blade technology

The NTP Linear Pitch wind turbine has blade pitch control that automatically adjusts to the wind speed. If the wind rises above the peak operating speed of 27 MPH the blades will change angle, causing the blade speed to slow or stay within RPM limits. The Linear Pitch system will operate in winds higher than most other conventional turbines in its class.

Price – Our turbines operate using a technology that is not only innovative but has reduced the price point on our systems to ensure a faster return on investment to the end user.

Robust – State of the art wind systems equipped with rugged generators ensure that turbines operate in even the harshest of conditions.

Installation – The form factor design of our generators allows for installation ease, thereby minimizing up-front costs and minimizing your environmental footprint.

Specifications – With the lowest cut-in speed in the industry, electricity is produced sooner and more efficiently.