Onscreen monitor and control

NTP Wind Aurora® Wind Inverters and Interfaces Optimize Small-Wind-Turbine Energy Harvesting

Aurora® Wind Inverters utilize a permanent magnet generator power curve, implemented in high-speed maximum power point tracking, to increase the amount of energy that can be harvested from small wind turbines. These power curves are optimized, via software, to match the output of the NTP Wind turbine.

NTP Wind Aurora® Wind Interfaces condition the output of a micro-wind generator, as an option for use with a wind inverter; eliminating the need for any additional rectification.

Final installation of inverter

Power One manufacturing facility

Industry-Leading Features and Performance

  • Wind interfaces deliver over 99% efficiency when used to condition the output of a micro-wind generator for use with a wind inverter.
  • NTP Wind Aurora® Wind Inverter efficiencies exceed 97%.
  • Automatic brake functions are included.
  • Typically less than 1% total harmonic distortion.

Field-Proven Reliability

  • Grid-connected operation, with anti-islanding protection, certified to international standards.
  • Rugged designs provide a 25-year MTBF while delivering full-rated power on a continuous basis.

Installer Friendly

  • Optional Aurora® Easy Communication System enables remote monitoring via Internet, analog modem, or GSM modem.
  • True sine-wave outputs feature self-selecting voltage capabilities.

Unmatched Applications Flexibility

Wind interfaces provide the capability to optimize the inverter's power curve to match the specific output characteristics of the wind turbine being used.